First blog post alert! I am SO excited to get the ball rolling with my site that I’ve put off writing the first blog post for more than a month. I originally bought the domain to set my site up as a way to control the search results for my name. My name, Elise Williams, pulls up a lot of random results (mostly obituaries, which you know, obviously aren’t about me). My new name after I get married in November, Elise Williams Rikard, is going to be on the cover of my third book (out in December). In the hopes that this book somehow launches me into stardom (even though, you know, the first two books sold a few thousand copies and here we are) and people scour the internet searching for a glimpse into my fabulous life, I wanted to set up a landing page for myself.

Then I realized I needed money. My fiance and I moved three times this year and had to pay rent for two different apartments for three months, and oh yeah, we’re getting married, and Cody’s taking a 3-month coding bootcamp, set to finish classes the day before the wedding. So yeah—a little extra income would be nice. So I turned my new website into a platform for my side hustle: freelance copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading. But to build up a business, you need people to know about your business. And for people to know about your business, you need a little SEO action. So I decided I’d blog to get the site some traffic. (Speaking of, I know the title of this first blog post isn't great...but sometimes you just have to throw something out there to get started.) But when I sat down to create my content calendar around grammar and editing, I yawned. As in I actually, physically yawned.

So this is part of why it’s taken me an entire month-and-a-half to start writing. If I don’t feel passionate about something, I prioritize everything else above it. (Lucky for y’all, I’m way more passionate about actually editing things than I am writing about it.) And then I say I “don’t have enough time” even though I have no children and manage to fit in two to four hours of The Bachelor each week. But then today, a co-worker sent me an article written by a friend of hers; she told me it sounded like something I would write, and it was. It was transparent, honest, and witty. I found myself laughing while reading and thinking back to how the best things I’ve written read just like this. When I write about my relationships, my failures, my embarrassing moments, that’s when I’ve always felt the most proud of my work. When I’m transparent in my writing, that’s when I feel like I’m really contributing to the world. One of the best feelings in the world is hearing that someone was able to relate to you through what you wrote, or that your story helped them to make an important decision.

But even though a blog is supposed to be hyper-focused to get a good ranking and establish a solid brand, this is my blog and I can write about whatever I want to write about. So while I will blog about editing, because 1.) SEO and 2.) I think it’s important, I’ll also blog about my life—the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m currently writing a book about wedding planning, so I might even test some of that content here! Or I might blog about being a crazy cat mom. Or management tips. Or politics. (Probably not the last one; I’m an INFP and hate conflict. 🙂 )

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