Don't you wish you had someone to edit your life?

I'm always reading—and proofreading simultaneously—and I've been editing friends' papers, flyers, and emails since my college days. Time is money, so I figure I may as well charge for it! Check out the packages I offer below:


If you need someone to look over your résumé and/or cover letter before you send it out (and trust me, you do), I'm your girl. Or maybe it's an important email, a thesis or personal essay, or vows for your wedding—I'll make the basic edits, including correcting misspelled words, grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, etc.

Copy Editing

With my copy editing package I'll make heavier edits in addition to just proofreading—we're talking reformatting and rearranging, restructuring sentences to improve flow, fact-checking, and improving tone and style. I will also make additional suggestions for trimming down and/or adding content.

Copy Writing

Have a great product you want to market, but you're "not a writer"? Maybe you just can't think of a clever Instagram caption? Or maybe you're looking to build up your SEO and need a few blog posts written. Or maybe you need copy you've already written to be spiced up a bit. Let's chat about what I can write for you.

Or you can schedule a consultation.

Sure, I'd love to get coffee with you and let you pick my brain! I can help you brainstorm content for your blog, set you up with an editorial calendar, walk you through branding basics, round up community-based hashtags for your Instagram aesthetic, or give you tips on writing a cold pitch that actually gets you a response. Email me for pricing.

Next Steps...

If you're ready to book one (or more) of my services—or if you have more questions for me—go ahead and click the button to get to my contact form.